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Driving lessons canning town

Driving lessons canning town

London School of Motoring provides the highest quality driving lessons Canning Town. We have employed only those driving instructors that are fully qualified, and DSVA approved in Canning Town and surrounding areas. There are no half-trained driving instructors. We provide comprehensive driving lessons in Canning Town, so you can choose the one that meets your requirements. This makes us one of the best driving school Canning Town.

Driving Lessons

Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons Canning Town

We have friendly and knowledgable driving instructors. They have extensive experiences and always prepare the driving lessons around the learner’s needs and requirements. Our driving instructors are specialists in dealing with first-time and nervous individuals. They will teach you at your own pace, so you don’t feel under pressure or rushed in any way.

Moreover, you will get high quality driving lessons in a modern and full dual control automatic or manual driving cars. Our instructors will make your driving learning an enjoyable and relaxing experience in a safe environment. So that you become a safe and confident driver. The driving course that we offer are:

  1. Intensive Driving Courses
  2. Pass Plus Driving Course
  3. Refresher Driving Course
  4. Theory Test
  5. Practical Test

Driving lessons offered in Canning Town are:

  1. Latest cars equipped with dual controls
  2. Driving Instructors that are fully licensed by the Driving Standards Agency
  3. Manual and Automatic Driving Instructors
  4. One to One Driving Tuition
  5. No car sharing

London School of Motoring is an experienced driving school that offers high-quality driving lessons in Canning Town.

Are you looking for Automatic Driving Lessons?

If you are looking for getting driving license quickly for work or family purpose, then at London School of Motoring we are offering expert automatic driving lessons as well. We also specialise in offering driving tuition in a standard manual car equipped with dual controls.

Should You Learn To Drive In a Manual Or An Automatic Car?

Automatic cars are far easier and quicker to learn as compared to the manual transmission car. Why? It is because in automatic ones you don’t have to change up or down gears. You only need to remember the gear knob, handbrake, pedals and steering wheels. This also gives you more freedom to concentrate on what is happening on the road as compared to what your feet are doing.

Why London School of Motoring?

  1. You will be given full assistance with the theory test
  2. Flexible driving lessons hours for your convenience
  3. Assistance with driving test bookings
  4. A relaxed and stress-free learning environment
  5. Professional one-to-one driving lesson
  6. Dual controlled cars

Essential Tips On How To Pass

We can assist you in passing your driving test and in making a confident driver again. All you have to do is:

1) Drive safely and be confident

2) Relax and drive in a way as you have been driving during your driving lessons

3) Don’t get panicked if you make a mistake, keep calm and focus on the rest of your test.

4) Avoid causing others to take avoiding actions.

5) Show courtesy all the times.

6) Good prediction and planning are needed.

7) Be careful in using the car controls as it will minimise the mechanical wear and tear

8) Show that you have knowledge about stopping distances, speed limits and safety precautions in every condition

9) Be active and show concern for the pedestrians and other vulnerable road users

10) Properly deal with other types of cars

11) Obey all road markings, traffic signs, traffic lights etc.

12) Learn to recognise and avoid hazards when driving to improve road safety for yourself and other road users.

13) If you observe that another vehicle has stopped or slow down near a pedestrian or children’s crossing, then stop immediately. It is because the pedestrians may be crossing.

14) At a pedestrian crossing drive at a speed at which you can safely stop at the crossing.

15) Good coordination of hand and foot is needed when a vehicle or bicycle suddenly merges into your lane or stop suddenly in front of you.

16) Good observation and reasonable accuracy when steering.

Remember you have worked hard to pass this test. So be careful! The overall conclusion of passing the driving test is to keep in mind to be confident, concentrate, courteous, considerate, remain calm and take corrective actions. If you remember all these words, then you are on your way to driving success. Obey the rules and regulations of the road, and use all the tips that you have learnt during driving lessons, and you will soon be enjoying your freedom.

Driving Instructors Canning Town

All of our driving instructors in Canning Town are fully qualified. But how to check whether your driving instructors are fully qualified or not? They must display the green badge in the corner of their car window. Our driving instructors are friendly and courteous, and they will guide you properly all the way to passing your driving test.

We will provide you with your LSM track record on your first lesson. It will include our comprehensive learning to drive syllabus, which will be briefly explained by your instructor. This will properly guide you through your entire journey and display your progress through the 41 driving skills which you must master, each with five assessment levels.

Driving School Near Canning Town

Our driving school is one of the best driving schools across the Canning Town. Our driving school has been established since 2015 as family-run driving school covering many parts of East London. It is a fully registered driving school. Our Excellent Pass rate and affordability have brought us a fundamental increase in the learner bank.

Seeing the positive learner response, we have decided to gradually broaden our services to the potential learners of other parts of London and neighbouring counties. Our aim is to further broaden to the whole UK.

If you need further details regarding our services, then do not wait and contact us immediately. Our customer representatives will give you a prompt response and guide you with everything you need. At London School of Motoring, you will only get the best of the best and nothing less than that.