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Driving lessons Leytonstone

Driving lessons Leytonstone

These days finding a driving school is not easy, as there are so many around, and all claim that they are the best. We cannot take responsibility for others, but the London School of Motoring it the best. We are giving driving lessons Leytonstone for quite some time now, and all our clients are happy with us. The one who learns driving from the pass the driving test on the first go. So, better not waste your time if you live in Leytonstone by taking lessons from close ones, friends, or from the schools that are not reliable. Contact us, see the courses we are offering and pick one that is perfect for you.

Our highly qualified and skilled instructors

The instructors we have to teach you are the best. They are giving training for so many years now, that they get an idea of what is the right way to teach a specific student, as everyone’s learning ability is different. Some who come to us have zero confidence, and some are relaxed. So, our instructors guide both of them in a different manner. Also, there is no way that they teach any student differently. They pay more attention to those who don’t have enough confidence, so they don’t feel left out in between many.

  • The confident driver turns out to be the best driver

The ones who don’t have confidence mainly think that they will not be able to drive. But we change there thinking, as confidence is something that can be taught and our instructor’s know-how. At the time of giving training, instructors never do hurry or put an extra burden on you. Also, on every stage, they appreciate you and motivate you. It is something that confidence.

Driving school

Helping pupils to learn to drive safely and pass fast is our speciality.


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Driving lessons in Leytonstone – Courses we offer

There are several courses that we offer as per client demand, such as

Pass plus

It is a course that is designed to improve the skills of the driver who just receive there driving license. The duration of this course is a minimum of 6 hours. It is best if you get yourself in this course within the first 12 months. As it is a duration when many accidents happen. For this course appointed our best instructors. The ones who have the most experience among all. Also, to take this course of ours, it is not necessary to opt for a specific place. You can take it on any road. Once you get a driving license, it is not a must to take this course. But still, we advise our students to take this course, as it is something that improves your skills.

Refresher course

It is a course that is mainly designed for those who didn’t drive a car from the past many years due to some reasons, and now they want to drive again. As at the time you leave driving for a while, it becomes hard to drive again because you think you forget everything. But our instructors tell the students that they didn’t forget, they just have to practice a little to revive their skills.

Intensive course

It is a course that is opted by those who want to learn driving within a few days. We have designed this course in a way that you able to learn driving within a week or two. We guarantee you at the end of course, when you will take a driving test; you will not face any difficulty. It is a course that is mainly taken by those from us who don’t have enough time to take a regular course.

We also prepare you for the theory test

Learning driving is not just about practical training. It is important that a person pays proper attention to theory too. As at the time you went to take the driving test, you have to give a theory test too. If you fail to pass that test, then you will not get a license and have to wait more days. That is the reason when someone comes to our driving school Leytonstone; we teach them theory too. In theory, we teach you all the rules and regulations. Also, provide you knowledge about traffic signs.

We believe that it is something that helps in decreasing road accidents as we notice that there are times when people don’t have an idea about the signs, and it is when the situation went out of there hands.

Why pick our driving school in Leytonstone?

  • We make sure to provide you proper safety. It is our priority; that is why the cars we provide you for practice are the best, and the beginners only get to drive when the instructor is with them.
  • There are many who look for cheap Driving school Leytonstone. If they find one, they take lessons from there; otherwise, they prefer to take lessons from someone close to them. But when you come to us for driving lessons, you don’t have to pay much.
  • The instructors that are appointed for giving you training are the one who has years of experience. They not only teach you that is required, but they also tell you their experiences too.
  • There are times when you just want to learn theory, as you don’t have much knowledge about it, but you don’t have time for that. It is when you can take our video classes.
  • You don’t have face problems in terms of timing. It is because, for training, you choose timing by yourself because of that your other routines didn’t get disturbed.
  • We make sure that you booking of ours, we make sure to learn properly and get your driving lessons quickly.

Get in touch with us!

So, don’t rely on others or take a taxi when you have a car. Get yourself in our driving course and become independent. We also provide automatic Driving lessons too. If you are confused, which driving lesson is best for you, tell us. We will guide and pick a suitable one for you according to your business driving skills. If you need to know anything else about our school, feel free to call us

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