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Driving School East Ham


Every day thousands of new drivers join the roads, but some not able to handle the pressure. It is because many learn driving from parents or friends. They may teach to drive the car. Still, you will not be able to learn everything. The situations you have to face on the road is quite difficult; that is why it is important to join the driving school East Ham which is called London School of Motoring. We are producing safe drivers for more than a decade now. The instructors we have to teach you driving are qualified. They are all approved by DSA.

Driving School in East Ham by an Grade 6 Driving Instructor


We never hire any instructor without checking the details of them. To become an instructor, it is not enough to know driving skills. There are many other things which are required, such as the patience level of a person should be high. At the time of giving lessons, sometimes we come across students who freeze, as they sit behind the wheel. Or there are few who make the same mistakes over and over again. At that time if the instructor will not stay cool and guide them well, then it is not good at all. So, joining our school as an instructor is not easy. They not only go through different tests in the start but in the middle of the job they have to give tests. We do it determine their skills and give them the information if something changed.

We have planned courses for all


If you think only beginners join our institute for training, then we like to tell you it is not the case. Many who know how to drive, join our school too to polish the skills. There are some who in the past know how to drive, but because of the long break, they hesitate to the driver. For all of them we have designed different courses, so they able to learn better and quicker.

  • Courses for beginners:

Driving School East Ham

You or the beginners can say teenagers who come to an age that they can drive a car, want to learn driving within days. We understand their excitement, but we guide them first. There is no way that we handover you a car at a very first day. We begin the lessons with the theory. Here, we guide you why learning driving is not a piece of cake or tell you about all the rules and regulations and of course about traffic signs too. It is something that you learn almost every day. Once you prove yourself here, only then you get eligible to sit in the car. Here also training start from the basics, even if you know little bit driving. The small baby steps allow us to polish the skills well, and we assure you that you will pass a driving test in one attempt.

  • Lessons for others:

Those who know how to drive and just want to polish the skills are sometimes very overconfident. They mostly fail when we ask about traffic rules and road signs. We make sure that as their skills get better, they learn all about rules and regulations too. If you have any bad habit, we work on that and eliminate it too. If you think you forget to drive, we will bring back your skills within days.

Get in touch with us!

So, if you want to get better or you think your child is old enough to learn driving school east ham, contact us today and book one of our course. The price of each course is quite reasonable, and the service is available 7 days a week too.