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Driving School Manor Park


If you think you know like to tell you that there is always a chance of improvement. To improve the skills, you can join the best driving School Manor Park known as London School of Motoring. We are one of the best driving school in London. We have a professional instructor for all. Whether you are joining us to learn from the beginning or to get better, we will not disappoint you at all. You can pick an instructor to get training on your own. If you want to learn driving in your own car, you can. There are some who didn’t own a car but want to learn; those can joint our school too. We have maintained and safe vehicles for you.

Now many may say that there is no need to join a driving school when you can learn it from your parents or from the friend. We like to tell you that there is a difference in the training which they will give you and the one you get from us. They will only teach you driving and only the basic. They will not guide you about the situations, you may face on the road, nor they able to create those situations for you. We also like to tell you that the driving test is not just about driving a car; you also have to give the theory test too. It is seen that many get fail in theory because they didn’t focus on it. When you come to us, we teach you everything. Our instructors not only teach you to pass the test, but we also train, so make you become a safe driver.

We will make you confident by Driving School Manor Park


There is no way that you become a good driver if you are not confident. At the time, you are on the road; you have to focus on so many things. If you will get confuse, you can create a situation that is not only worse for you but for others too. Also, sometimes you find yourself in a situation that is created by someone else, but you can get out of it if you stay calm and focus.

To stay safe in both situations, ‘ confidence is the key. When you join LSM, our instructors work in this area specifically. The courses are designed in a manner that you start to feel relaxed behind the wheel automatically.

Driving School Manor Park

Join us and pass the test in the first attempt

If you think that in a driving test, you just have to drive straight and reverse the car, then let us pop up your bubble. The test consists of different stages. The one who is taking a test of yours, test you in every manner. They not only see how good your driving skills are, but they also examine whether you know anything about traffic rules or not. They may show you different road signs and ask you to explain it. It is the time when many get blank.

But when you join us, we not only focus on the practical part, but we pay equal attention to the theoretical part too. We make sure that you become a driver who not only knows all the rules and regulations but follow them too. Once the course of your end, we assure you that you will not have to give a driving school manor park test twice because you will get a pass in the first attempt.

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