Driving School Stratford


These days when you think about taking driving lessons, you not able to decide school is the best for you because there are so many around. If you live in Stratford and looking for Driving School Stratford, then London School of Motoring is for you. We are training people for a long time now. We have an idea that not all the students have the same calibre. There are few who need more attention than others. The instructors we have assigned for you are professional and friendly. They will teach you again and again until you will master everything. If you are planning to learn at home, we are telling you it is a waste of time. There is a huge possibility that you do not pass the driving test at one go.

We like to tell you that the trainers have to get training too. The traffic situations change, and even some rules get change according to the situations. It is important for keep our trainers up to date from all this. During their training, we also check whether they are still the best for this job or not. In this job, best is the only way to become eligible. As we don’t want to keep the instructors, who lose their temperament while training or skip some points because you said you know about it. If you pick a beginner course, you have to go through it, even if you know a bit about driving. Our instructors make sure of it, as they have an idea, they have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. If they are unable to guide properly, they are putting the life of pupil and others in danger.

Course we have Driving School Stratford lined up for you

The courses we offer to our respected customers are as followed:

  • Beginner course

It is a driving course that is for those who never drive a car once in their life. Now, here age doesn’t matter, whether you are a teenager or an older person, you are welcome to our school. We treat everyone in the same manner. It is better if you didn’t skip any lesson of the course. In the beginning, you may think it is boring because many come with expectations, they will able to drive a car in the first lesson. But in actual first, they learn everything theoretically than move on to practical training.

Driving School Stratford

  • Intensive course

It is a course that is designed mainly for those who need to get a license within a few days. We make sure to keep this course short but design it in a manner that a person able to learn everything that is necessary. There are many who may think it is not possible to pass a driving test after taking such a small course. But we assure you that you will pass your test and get a license. It is a course of ours that is mainly taken by those who don’t have enough time.

  • Course for refreshers

It is a special course that is designed for those who forget to drive because of any reason. In this course, we help them to regain their skills and become a save driver, as they were before. The period for this course is also short. Once you take this course, you will feel on your own that you will become a better driver than before.

  • Pass plus course

It is a course that is taken by those who just receive a driving license. When you are a fresher on the road, the chance of accidents is high. The duration of this course is quite minimum. You just have to give 6 hours. But you able to improve a lot.